Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swagcode Breakdown: 03/02 II

•  Starts:  10:55am PST
•  Ends:  12:00pm PST
•  Worth:  7 Swagbucks

Swidget's Alert - Get your own here

The code indicates that it's in the blog:

Code hint located at the very bottom of the blog post:

Scroll up if necessary until spotting the red texts:

Copy and paste the red texts displayed above, but remove the spaces and enter it in the right side of Swagbucks homepage under 'Account Summary' and click 'Gimme':

The reward:

Swagcode Breakdown: 03/02

•  Starts:  11:55pm PST
•  Ends:  2:00am PST
•  Worth:  8 Swagbucks

Swidget's Alert - Get your own here

This would be Swagbucks' Facebook page and below shows one of their statuses:

Copy and paste the red-boxed text displayed above to the right side of Swagbucks homepage under 'Account Summary' and click 'Gimme':

The reward:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Swagcode Breakdown: 03/01 II

•  Starts:  4:20pm PST
•  Ends:  6:00pm PST
•  Worth:  16 Swagbucks

Swidget's Alert - Get your own here

Easy, right? On the swidget - highlight, copy, and paste the red-boxed text displayed above to the right side of Swagbucks homepage under 'Account Summary' and click 'Gimme':

The reward:

Amazon Gift Card Day #2

Today marks the day for Swagbucks users receiving their redeemed Amazon gift cards.  So far, I have redeemed three of them and plan to order a Criminal Minds Seasons 1-3 DVD boxset with the sum of $85.00 in my Amazon account.  Unfortunately, that DVD boxset does not have English subtitles and I am in the need to have those.  If anybody know that it does actually have them, please let me know.

Swagcode Breakdown: 03/01

•  Starts:  10:30pm PST
•  Ends:  12:30pm PST
•  Worth:  5 Swagbucks

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"Blue birds fly" indicates Twitter, so this was one of Swagbucks' tweets:

Copy and paste the red-boxed text displayed above to the right side of Swagbucks homepage under 'Account Summary' and click 'Gimme':

The reward:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swagcode Breakdown: 02/28 II

•  Starts:  4:30pm PST
•  Ends:  6:00pm PST
•  Worth:  14 Swagbucks 

Swidget's Alert - Get your own here

This indicates that the code is in the blog:

This would be their blog title:

With the some of the texts as followed:

So, I researched for an answer from this reference.
The number for an answer would be 14 along with 'forCanada' as TSG stated.

Enter it on the right side of Swagbucks homepage under 'Account Summary' and click 'Gimme':

The reward:

Swagcode Breakdown: 02/28

First Swagcode breakdown ever!  :)  Hopefully this is clear enough.

•  Starts:  12:45pm PST
•  Ends:  1:45pm PST
•  Worth:  10 Swagbucks

Swidget's Alert - Get your own here

"Code on twitter" means go to Swagbucks' Twitter and this was one of their tweets:

Copy and paste the red-boxed text displayed above to the right side of Swagbucks homepage under 'Account Summary' and click 'Gimme':

The reward:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


• Celebration:  Starting tomorrow, Swagbucks is turning 2! So, there will be a HUGE celebration and everything is going to be changing on Swagbucks' homepage. Plus, there will be tons of swagcodes and we will have a triple mega! By triple mega, it is similar to "Mega Friday" where users get more than 1 Swagbucks yet counted as triple for tomorrow's celebration. In addition, I have gone to Swagbucks' Facebook page and many users said that it is the best to log out on Swagbucks website tonight to view the big changes in the next morning. Sounds exciting, right? Totally.

• Swagcode Breakdowns:  I have emailed Swagbucks about this regard to ensure if it is okay to post swagcode breakdowns right after any codes' termination here on my blog. Most likely that it would be all right, but I still need to ask for their permission first. When receiving their response and consent, I will start posting the swagcode breakdowns right away starting on the first day of Swagbucks' consent if available.

• Amazon Gift Card Giveaway:  Unfortunately, it is going to be canceled. Due to this reason, I have seen a couple of Swagbucks users getting deactivated because of the giveaways they were doing. Impermissible? Right, impermissible. Although, it does not make sense because I sent an email to the head of Swagbucks and he said that I would need to let Swagbucks choose the winner since many givers are not aware of their friends in their list. So, I really need to respect his decision and end the giveaway, otherwise my account will get deactivated. Sorry to those who are disappointed. In fact, not even a single person signed up for the giveaway here and followed my instructions, anyways. So, it should be all good.

• School:  Yes. :) I would like to talk about school and caaaaaaannot wait for tomorrow. Once tomorrow is over, then I will tell what's exactly going on because one of my tendencies to think negatively is that if I specifically say it now as if I were to keep my hopes up way high, then it won't happen. SoOoooo... yeah, call me weird.

• Free Business Cards Promotion:  I might do free personalized business cards since I found a website that gave away free samples. Only ten of business cards, though. Just thought I would try. This is actually Swagbucks-related. You will see what I mean once I decide what to do.

The end!

Coming Soon: Swagcode Breakdowns

I've been waaaaaaaay dang behind! Yikes. Been busy with Farmville. Yes, Farmville. My temptation in playing that game increased and my resistance has failed. I have many more news. New posts coming up! Now working on the swagcode breakdowns blogging page. I mean, gotta figure out how to do this or that in this blog layout. Yeeeeah.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mini New Look

Just a background, share buttons, and Twitter sidebar widget. Pretty simple, aye? I felt like giving a complete different blog layout, but I'm just too lazy. That background was written with my Wacom pen tablet my big brother and his girlfriend got me. :) I know it looks plain. I like that type of plain-ityness although it's not originally my handwriting.

Hmm, that's it. I think.

Finally Got It!

That was so weird. Right after... I mean, right after I posted a today's previous blog with regard to Amazon gift cards, I checked my email and bam! Got an email about another free Amazon gift card added to my account. :) So happy! Totally looking forward to one more.

 Click here to enlarge an above image

Amazon Gift Card Day #1

Today marks the day where Swagbucks users receive their redeemed Amazon gift cards, as well as other gift cards. This happens twice a month: the 16th and the 30th, unless any of these dates fall on the weekends, they will be postponed. Anyways, I'm still waiting for my two Amazon gift cards, so I could order Criminal Minds Seasons 1-4 DVD boxset! :) So excited! But I'm wondering if it would even be enough. Currently, there is $60 in my Amazon account and the DVD boxset would be more like $70? Dunno, dunno. Below is the screenshot of my previous Amazon gift cards purchases off from Swagbucks for absolutely, absolutely, absolutely free. Oh, how am I so grateful.

Click above image to enlarge

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Special Offers [Part 1]

I'm going to post blogs about any Special Offers I took that are completely free and do not require credit card. Those offers are not clickable in this blog because you will need to be presented at their website, so it will be connected and be able to credit you the Swagbucks. So, most of the things in the list are the ones I took way back then. Not sure if they are still available at the moment because I completed them already and they won't be shown anymore, but give it a try!

•  Be the star of the World's Greatest Lover newscast! ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Take the Nestle Crunch Challenge on Facebook! ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Sell more and earn more with Wigix! ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Teens! Join Habbo now for free and get Swag Bucks! ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Register for IMVU.com - Get 1500 FREE IMVU credits! ++ 2 Swagbucks

•  Watch Axe - Very funny video ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Become a fan of The Boost Mobile Shuffle on Facebook ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Find college scholarships ++ 1 Swagbuck

•  Sign up for Travian Games! ++ 1 Swagbuck
•  Education Survey ++ 1 Swagbuck

•  No Obligation Offers ++ 1 Swagbuck

So, for a Swagbucks newbie, you would get 12 or less Swagbucks from doing all these free offers! Plus 3 more just for signing up! So, that would be 15 or less altogether in one day! :) You can always get more by doing more special offers or simply search the web, and much more!

>>>> Sign up today to get started!!
Go to the Special Offers after signing up!

Happy Swagging!

Friday, February 12, 2010


:) I won pretty, pretty green 4 Swagbucks this morning! Just like last week Friday! Today's another Mega Swagbucks Day where a user has chances of winning more than 1 Swagbuck like every Friday. Amazing, ain't it? So, what else, what else... busy with school like usual. And the $5 Amazon gift card giveaway thing going on - I don't think it would go on because the users did not follow the instructions, unfortunately.  But I'll find of something to do about it next month and we'll see!

Here's my another lovely 4 Swagbucks! :)

ALSO! Big news! On Swagbucks' 2nd anniversary or 2nd birthday as they call it, but I don't celebrate birthdays. So, anyways, things will be going crazy on that day. More stuffs! New stuffs! And better yet, MORE special Swagcodes! I have this feeling that it's going to be insane and I'm excited! :) Here are the previews from Swagbucks:

"February 25, 2010 will mark the second anniversary of Swagbucks.com, the home of the web's premier digital dollar. Last year we celebrated the occasion by running 7 Swag Codes, and offering triple mega Swag Bucks all day long."

>> Read more on Swagbucks' official blog here. Sign up now and get yourself 3 free Swagbucks if you haven't! Sign up here.


I'm back! Things have been weird lately, so I stopped blogging. I felt like I was stalked in some way. Anyhow, be back later! Yeah, I know. Short blog, eh? But really, be back later!

Sunday, February 7, 2010



Friday, February 5, 2010

Mega Swagbucks Day

I got 4 Swagbucks this morning! :) Unfortunately, my Facebook connect at Swagbucks wasn't on, so it didn't posted automatically to my Facebook account and show my friends what I got. Bummerface. Ain't that buck pretty, though? Green! My fave color. Oh, yeeeeah.

By the way, "Mega Swagbucks Day" is a special day happening every Friday for Swagbucks users to get their chances winning more than 1 Swagbucks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Redeemed 2nd Amazon Gift Card :)

Woot woot! I'm excited! I might get a $25 Amazon gift card and have it as a giveaway in March. Yes, $25! Twenty-five dollahz! Sounds good? I think so.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Free iPhone or iPod Touch Wallpaper

Click to enlarge the image

I posted this on my Facebook earlier with a generous mood. Whoever signs up under my name on Swagbucks and be an active, new user, you can request a free personalized iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper. Feel free to fill out the form below if you are interested. Note that you need to sign up at Swagbucks before moving on to the next step. It's free. Sign up by clicking here.

By clicking submit below, you agreed to be an active Swagbucks user.

Full Name Entered on Swagbucks
Design(s) Preferences
Color(s) Preferences

* I will send you an email within 7 days along with your personalized iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper unless certain conditions have been broken.

Thank you! :)

Redeemed Another Amazon Gift Card

Isn't it so pretty? :) I was unable to redeem more than 5 same gift card in January. It's one of Swagbucks' rules: only redeem up to 5 same prize per month. This is considered fair for everyone. So, today's officially February!

So far, I've had $60 in my Amazon account all from Swagbucks for free. What to do with those money? Hmm, probably saving up for a gift for my friend's baby shower coming up this fall. Asides from that, getting myself a Criminal Minds DVD. Derek Morgan is such a hottie. *Heart melts*

Sunday, January 31, 2010


If you have not heard of Swagbucks before, here is my first YouTube video to give you the tour about it. Swagbucks is incredible, no kidding.

»»»»»»»» Click here to sign up today and get yourself 3 free Swagbucks! ««««««««

Start searching and winning!

The Very First Day

Of blogging! Woot woot! I hope this blog at least is influential to some visitors. Swagbucksily speaking, I won't give some breakdowns of swagcodes or anything similar. However, I can just blog about my day with Swagbucks.

Actually, I dunno. We'll see! Hmm.