Friday, February 5, 2010

Mega Swagbucks Day

I got 4 Swagbucks this morning! :) Unfortunately, my Facebook connect at Swagbucks wasn't on, so it didn't posted automatically to my Facebook account and show my friends what I got. Bummerface. Ain't that buck pretty, though? Green! My fave color. Oh, yeeeeah.

By the way, "Mega Swagbucks Day" is a special day happening every Friday for Swagbucks users to get their chances winning more than 1 Swagbucks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Redeemed 2nd Amazon Gift Card :)

Woot woot! I'm excited! I might get a $25 Amazon gift card and have it as a giveaway in March. Yes, $25! Twenty-five dollahz! Sounds good? I think so.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Free iPhone or iPod Touch Wallpaper

Click to enlarge the image

I posted this on my Facebook earlier with a generous mood. Whoever signs up under my name on Swagbucks and be an active, new user, you can request a free personalized iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper. Feel free to fill out the form below if you are interested. Note that you need to sign up at Swagbucks before moving on to the next step. It's free. Sign up by clicking here.

By clicking submit below, you agreed to be an active Swagbucks user.

Full Name Entered on Swagbucks
Design(s) Preferences
Color(s) Preferences

* I will send you an email within 7 days along with your personalized iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper unless certain conditions have been broken.

Thank you! :)

Redeemed Another Amazon Gift Card

Isn't it so pretty? :) I was unable to redeem more than 5 same gift card in January. It's one of Swagbucks' rules: only redeem up to 5 same prize per month. This is considered fair for everyone. So, today's officially February!

So far, I've had $60 in my Amazon account all from Swagbucks for free. What to do with those money? Hmm, probably saving up for a gift for my friend's baby shower coming up this fall. Asides from that, getting myself a Criminal Minds DVD. Derek Morgan is such a hottie. *Heart melts*

Sunday, January 31, 2010


If you have not heard of Swagbucks before, here is my first YouTube video to give you the tour about it. Swagbucks is incredible, no kidding.

»»»»»»»» Click here to sign up today and get yourself 3 free Swagbucks! ««««««««

Start searching and winning!

The Very First Day

Of blogging! Woot woot! I hope this blog at least is influential to some visitors. Swagbucksily speaking, I won't give some breakdowns of swagcodes or anything similar. However, I can just blog about my day with Swagbucks.

Actually, I dunno. We'll see! Hmm.