Friday, February 12, 2010


:) I won pretty, pretty green 4 Swagbucks this morning! Just like last week Friday! Today's another Mega Swagbucks Day where a user has chances of winning more than 1 Swagbuck like every Friday. Amazing, ain't it? So, what else, what else... busy with school like usual. And the $5 Amazon gift card giveaway thing going on - I don't think it would go on because the users did not follow the instructions, unfortunately.  But I'll find of something to do about it next month and we'll see!

Here's my another lovely 4 Swagbucks! :)

ALSO! Big news! On Swagbucks' 2nd anniversary or 2nd birthday as they call it, but I don't celebrate birthdays. So, anyways, things will be going crazy on that day. More stuffs! New stuffs! And better yet, MORE special Swagcodes! I have this feeling that it's going to be insane and I'm excited! :) Here are the previews from Swagbucks:

"February 25, 2010 will mark the second anniversary of, the home of the web's premier digital dollar. Last year we celebrated the occasion by running 7 Swag Codes, and offering triple mega Swag Bucks all day long."

>> Read more on Swagbucks' official blog here. Sign up now and get yourself 3 free Swagbucks if you haven't! Sign up here.


I'm back! Things have been weird lately, so I stopped blogging. I felt like I was stalked in some way. Anyhow, be back later! Yeah, I know. Short blog, eh? But really, be back later!

Sunday, February 7, 2010