Wednesday, February 24, 2010


• Celebration:  Starting tomorrow, Swagbucks is turning 2! So, there will be a HUGE celebration and everything is going to be changing on Swagbucks' homepage. Plus, there will be tons of swagcodes and we will have a triple mega! By triple mega, it is similar to "Mega Friday" where users get more than 1 Swagbucks yet counted as triple for tomorrow's celebration. In addition, I have gone to Swagbucks' Facebook page and many users said that it is the best to log out on Swagbucks website tonight to view the big changes in the next morning. Sounds exciting, right? Totally.

• Swagcode Breakdowns:  I have emailed Swagbucks about this regard to ensure if it is okay to post swagcode breakdowns right after any codes' termination here on my blog. Most likely that it would be all right, but I still need to ask for their permission first. When receiving their response and consent, I will start posting the swagcode breakdowns right away starting on the first day of Swagbucks' consent if available.

• Amazon Gift Card Giveaway:  Unfortunately, it is going to be canceled. Due to this reason, I have seen a couple of Swagbucks users getting deactivated because of the giveaways they were doing. Impermissible? Right, impermissible. Although, it does not make sense because I sent an email to the head of Swagbucks and he said that I would need to let Swagbucks choose the winner since many givers are not aware of their friends in their list. So, I really need to respect his decision and end the giveaway, otherwise my account will get deactivated. Sorry to those who are disappointed. In fact, not even a single person signed up for the giveaway here and followed my instructions, anyways. So, it should be all good.

• School:  Yes. :) I would like to talk about school and caaaaaaannot wait for tomorrow. Once tomorrow is over, then I will tell what's exactly going on because one of my tendencies to think negatively is that if I specifically say it now as if I were to keep my hopes up way high, then it won't happen. SoOoooo... yeah, call me weird.

• Free Business Cards Promotion:  I might do free personalized business cards since I found a website that gave away free samples. Only ten of business cards, though. Just thought I would try. This is actually Swagbucks-related. You will see what I mean once I decide what to do.

The end!


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